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Nappy Preparation & Washing


Prepping Nappies Before First Use

To boost absorbency in a brand new cloth nappy, especially the inserts be sure to soaked the nappies in water for 24 hours. Then warm wash up to 4 times

(Maximum wash temp 40 degrees) only use detergent the first wash. 

Because Bamboo is a natural fibre it takes up to 4 washes to establish good absorbency, so if you find you're nappies are leaking the first few times, this may be why.

Always Air dry, Sunlight works as a natural bleach on any stains.

 NEVER Tumble dry nappy shells and it will damage the waterproof fabric. 

Before washing Soiled Nappies

  • Remove any solids. You can use flushable nappy liners to catch any solids and dispose of simply.
  • If there are any stains remaining in the nappy we recommend rinsing under warm water with the assistance of Velvet Pure Soap (found at Woolworths or Coles) to hand wash prior to soaking. 
  • Store used/dirty nappies in airtight nappy pale with water and detergent. We recommend EARTHS CHOICE or Eco Friendly Detergents and wash within 24 hours. If you choose not to soak in water wash them within 2-3 days. 

Washing Instructions

  • If you have soaked in water, place nappies and liners into machine for a Quick 30 or sports cycle wash with detergent.
  •  NON SOAKED nappies will need to go through a pre rinse cycle first to remove present of urine prior to wash
  • Maximum Wash Temperature is 40 degrees (high temperatures risk damaging the waterproof fabric)

Drying Instructions

  • We recommend drying nappies in natural sunlight (works as a natural bleach) 
  • The best hanging solution for nappy shells is to drape over line without any pegs to prevent wear and tear or stretching of elastic. If you require pegs we recommend pegging the fleece only by the pocket. Avoid contact with the inside of the nappy to maintain the integrity of the waterproof material. 
  • Do not tumble the dry nappy shells

How to size your Nappy

 Start by placing the insert inside the pocket of your nappy. 

There are 3 vertical lines of snaps on the front of the nappy [9 in total] 

  • SMALL - Fold the bottom row of snaps up to the first row MEDIUM - Fold the second row of snaps to the first row LARGE - Leave all snaps unsnapped 

There are 2 rows of Horizontal snaps at the top of your nappy. [12 on top row] & [8 on bottom row]

  • Leg Sizing - Using the bottom snap on the side tabs, clip onto any of the bottom row of snaps on the front  of the nappy 
  • Waist Sizing - Top row of side tabs, snap onto the top row of snaps in front of the nappy

Newborn waist sizing note;

Side tabs will over lap one another with additional snaps to make the waist band small enough for newborns 0+ months
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