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Q: My Cloth Nappies are Leaking - My Child is all wet! Help!

A: - There are a few things you can do to help with a leaking nappy 

  • The Nappy may need to be done up tighter around the babies stomach or legs 
  • The Nappy Insert needs to be pre-washed (see our Nappy Care Instructions) 
  • The Nappy is full or been left on to long (You may find adding a second insert helps especially for night time use to double absorbency) 
  • The Insert has slipped down and bunched up in the nappy
  • A Film has been left on the nappy due to barrier creams, excess detergent etc (you will need to do a strip wash - see Nappy Care Instructions)

Q: How Many Nappies will i need?

A: The amount of nappies you will need will depend on how frequently you want to wash, how much you wish to spend and your babies age. We recommend the below for your washing routine to be every 2-3 days;

  • 20-30 Nappies (0-3 months)
  • 20-25 Nappies (3-12 months) 
  • 15-25 Nappies (Over 12 months)

Our range is limited but growing quickly, stay tuned as we source new and exciting patterns for you and your bub.

Q: I have done my nappy research, Why should i pay more for Bamboo Inserts? What's the difference?

Simply Said. Thickness & Absorbency. Bamboo has 4 layers which is more than most other inserts which means it will hold a lot more. Bamboo is also a quick drying fabric so moisture is wicked away quickly. In the long haul Bamboo is far superior this is why Built to Perform Nappies come with Bamboo inserts as standard. Do remember you can always double up your liners at night time for an 8 layer absorbency protection. 

Q: Why can i not use any Barrier Creams with Modern Cloth Nappies? What if my child has a rash?

It is recommended not to use barrier creams as they are designed to repel liquid which can compromise the nappy if build up occur, it is better to be safe than sorry. However, if you find your nappies have excess build up you can simply do a strip wash. See Nappy Care Instructions for further details. 

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